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Carters Bug
Carters bug was invented by Bill Carter of Portage Vale NB, when he lived in Moncton on the Salisbury road. It was a fly he used on his many trips to the  streams of New Brunswick, The Salmon River, near St Martins, the Renous river and the Little Southwest Miramichi. I met Bill on many occasions on his trips to these rivers, and while we fished different Pools at the same time, we understood the ways of the Salmon.

Bill told me when I visited the shop he ran on Mountain Road, that he was the only one who could tie this type of bug.  Being young I tried to imitate it but it took me 20 years and Bill's retirement from the Sport to learn its little quirks which make it so effective.

We have Bill to thank for this fly, and if you ever get a chance to fish this for Salmon or trout, you will see why it is so effective. 
I received a call on September 18th 2007 from my friend Robert Barnaby, a member of the Listigouche First Nation Band in Pointe-a-la-Croix Que, he was excited to tell me his friend who guides at  Kedgwick Lodge on the Restigouche River reported to him the Carter's Bug created quite a stir on their pools this summer. He said the lad who tied the fly must have been blind-folded, as the fly was as described, a mess. I introduced the fly to Johnny Sullivan, guide at Larry's Gulch  in June and the word spread upriver to Kedgwick Lodge, mainly because of its effectiveness on big salmon.

On September 28th 2007 A note from Serge Noel at Cap Chat on the south shore of the St Lawrence, says, "I really appreciate. Yesterday I released a "Big One" but lost another one. (Carter's Bug) Just hope to catch one as big as the one you caught.    Bye  Serge Noel

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Carters Bug

Hook: 94831 #4

Thread: Yellow

Hackle: Brown

Price: $4.50 USD

Item Name: Carter's Bug
Item Number:
Price: $4.50


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