Traditional Atlantic Salmon Flies
A Collection of Feather Wing Salmon Flies "Use PayPal Button To Order"
By Bryant Freeman,-   Riverview New Brunswick Canada -The Medway Fisherman
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In the late 1940's and the early fifties I was brought to the river to fish for salmon with my father Lewis Freeman. He tied on a Silver Grey, which was in those days a fully dressed Feather wing fly. I would watch in awe as the large spring run of fresh salmon would attack this fly in the Mill Pool of the Medway River in Greenfield Nova Scotia.  The love for these flies has been instilled in me since my child hood, I watched as hair wing took over the fisherman's fly box.  I still fish with these flies, and it gives me great pleasure to tie them and use them for fishing.  These flies are part of my life, please respect them as they were your own, if you wish to copy one of them please get in touch with me, it is always good to hear from you and know you appreciate the work.

Bryant Freeman 23 Wentworth Drive, Riverview NB E1B 2T4

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Traditional Atlantic Salmon Flies, Tied to use for fishing! These Flies Swim..
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