Traditional Atlantic Salmon Flies
A Collection of Feather Wing Salmon Flies "Use PayPal Button To Order"
By Bryant Freeman,-   Riverview New Brunswick Canada -The Medway Fisherman
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Baron Mar Lodge
Black Dog Member
Black Dose Night Hawk
Black Ranger Orange Parson
Black Silk Parson
Blue Doctor Pictroy Fancy
Bull Dog Popham
Childers Purple Emperor
Doctor Queen of Spring
Dr.Donaldson Red Sandy
Durham Ranger Silver Ardea
Dusty Miller Silver Doctor
Green Highlander Silver Grey
Jock Scott Silver Wilkinson
John Campbell Sir Richard
Kate Thunder and Lightning
Lady Amherst Torrish

Copyright    2008

  Item Name: Green Highlander Traditional Salmon Fly
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Price: $100.00 USD

Green Highlander

Tag: Round silver tinsel and golden yellow floss. (Sometimes no Floss)
Topping and barred summer duck.
Black Ostrich herl.
in two sections. the first Quarter with Pale yellow floss, second half, green seal fur.
Oval Silver tinsel.
Highlander Green Hackle..
Lemon Yellow
Tippet in strands, Married Strands of goose dyed yellow, orange, and green, florican,  peacock wing,  golden pheasant tail, married strips of Teal and Barred Summer Duck, Bronze mallard over and a topping over all.
Jungle Cock.
Indian Crow.
Blue Macaw.


Traditional Atlantic Salmon Flies, Tied to use for fishing! These Flies Swim..
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