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Substitute Feathers
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Bird Feather Use Subs
Amherst Pheasant Tail Wings
Amherst Pheasant Head tails and wings  
Florican Bustard Wing Wings Peacock Wing
Bustard (Speckled) Wing Wings Mottled Turkey
Chatterer Back Cheeks and Veiling Dyed Duck Feather
Cock-o-the-Rock Breast Sides,tails,veilings Snow Goose
Golden Pheasant Head Tails, Topping  
Golden Pheasant Neck Tails, wings  
Golden Pheasant Tail Wings  
Golden Pheasant Body Hackles, Wings  
Goose Shoulder Wings  
Guinea Fowl Breast, flank Throat Hackles  
Guinea Fowl Wing Wings  
Hen Pheasant Tail Wings  
Heron Breast Hackles Ring neck Pheasant rump
Ibis Breast Tails Dyed Duck Breast
Indian Crow Breast Tails, cheeks, veilings Dyed Duck Breast
Jay Lesser Coverts Throat Hackles Guinea Dyed Blue
Jungle Cock Neck Sides, tails Painted Hen saddle or Starling feather
Kingfisher Back Cheeks tails and sides Dyed Duck Breast
Macaw Tail Horns Blue/yellow goose Feather
Mallard Drake Flank Wings  
Mallard Drake Bronze Shoulder Wings  
Mandarin Duck Flank (Barred) Wings and sides Wood Duck
Ostrich Boas (Wing) Butts  
Peacock Sword Wings  
Peacock Eye Wings and bodies  
Peacock Wing Wings Mottled Turkey
Pintail Flank Wings and sides Teal/wood duck
Poultry Chicken Cock Neck Hackles  
Poultry Chicken Cock Saddle Wings  
Poultry Chicken Hen Neck Hackles  
Poultry Chicken Hen Saddle Throats  
Summer Duck Flank Sides, Wings  
Swan Shoulders Wings Goose
Teal Duck Flank Wings/sides Widgeon
Toucan Breast Veilings, sides, tails Dyed duck breast,and cheeks
Turkey Wing Quill Wings Sub for Bustard
Turkey Tail Quill Wings Bustard Sub
Turkey White Tip Tail Wings  
Turkey Tail buff Mottled Wings Sub for Peacock wing
Widgeon Shoulders Wings/sides and hackles  
Wood Duck Flank Wings and Sides  

Sonnerat's (Grey) jungle fowl
Class : AVES

Family : Phasianidae

Appendix : II

Latin Name
English Name
French Name


Gallus sonneratii
Sonnerat's (Grey) jungle fowl
Coq gris





To import in Canada :
Specimens to be imported into Canada must be accompanied by: a CITES export permit issued by the exporting country.

List of CITES national contacts
To export from Canada :
Specimens to be exported from Canada must be accompanied by: a Canadian CITES export permit.

Please consult the Application Forms and Form Submission.

Please also consult the pages about Special Cases and Exemptions


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