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Uncle Howards Sauerkraut
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Uncle Howards Sauerkraut

A time tested recipe,passed on from Uncle Howard Jayne's farm in Middlewood NS. In the heart of kraut Country. No preservatives except coarse salt
A Heavy Plastic Pail.(5 Gallons)
Coarse Salt
Garbage Bags (Wet, Green ,Small ,about 2 gallon, you know--the Transparent Ones, not the big Green Ones)

Place Cabbage in a Tub of Cold Water to Wash it. Any water left in the cabbage as you cut it helps to make the pickle.
Cut Cabbage with a Kraut Knife
For a 45 Gallon Barrel, use 1 Quart Coarse salt, so adjust accordingly for lesser amounts.

Start with one layer of cabbage, then add a layer of salt,(small amount, a sprinkle)   Pound down with kraut pounder. Continue till you have enough room in barrel to add the water weight,

Use the wine bags the concentrate comes in, add water enough to add sufficient weight to the barrel or pail on top of the kraut. Insert this in a Green garbage bag, you know the ones small green ones for wet garbage. Insert the Wine bag full of water into the green bag.
Seal the top of pail by pulling the remaining top of the bag over the rim of the pail.

It takes usually takes 2 weeks to work, then let it work at a temperature of about 60 degrees for another two or three weeks.
Keep in cool place   and resealing with water weight and you will have kraut for the winter.   Cut in Growing moon for best results.   Also use winter cabbage or cabbage that has had the touch of frost to make cabbage sweet.

My best batch was made on the 130 year moon on cabbage that was picked on 11th of December in Maugerville NB 1999.   Bryant

The 2015 Batch

This batch was put down on the 6th of November, Drew Allan and Paul Elson helped, we got the batch done with Cabbage from Sussex Produce purchased by Drew. Drew did the cutting and we got the three batches done in about 75 minutes. The biggest problem was remembering how to set the camera at automatic shoot so we could get a shot of all of us, so the old lad figured it out in due time but when the shot was taken he didnt get the cabbage. Nov 7th is done should be ready on 15th of December.

2013 Batch The Hybrid Eclipse Batch  

The 2013 Batch was made with Cabbage Picked after two good frosts November 2nd. Drew Allan had procured the Cabbage from the Farm in Sussex Corner. The cabbage grew in the fields next to where Drew lives, These cabbage were the sweetest I have ever tasted, When Drew would cut into a head, it would make a C-R-A-C-K sound like a Big Spruce tree would make when the frost travels up it in the cold days of the winter. This batch will be closely watched, as Drew is Using his Grand Father, Forest Allan's Kraut Cutter and Pounder. A tradition which will be passed on to future generations. Should be Ready to eat December 13th when the Geminids Meteor Shower occurs.

(A few words about the Geminids.)

December 13-14, 2013, mid-evening until dawn, Geminids 
Radiating from near the bright stars Castor and Pollux in the constellation Gemini the Twins, the Geminid meteor shower is one of the finest meteors showers visible in either the Northern or the Southern Hemisphere. The meteors are plentiful, rivaling the August Perseids, with perhaps 50 to 100 meteors per hour visible at the peak. Plus Geminid meteors are often bright, so, if there’s a bright moon, many meteors may be able to overcome the harsh moonlight. These meteors are often as good in the evening as in the hours between midnight and dawn. In 2013, a bright waxing gibbous moon will interfere with the Geminids throughout most of the peak night. Your best bet is to watch on the mornings of December 13 and 14, from moonset until dawn.

Drew Allan Making the 2013 Batch with Bryant Freeman




2002; Don MacFarlane and I put up a batch from Sussex cabbage on Nov 2nd when the Leonid Meteor Shower was in its full display. The Kraut which was in great demand was called the Leonid Batch.

2003; Picked up the cabbage at Clem's Tuesday 28th of October, Nova Scotia Cabbage, Don and I did up the Batch on Wednesday the 29th of October. The sun had shot up big solar flares this week, giving a great display of Northern Lights here in Canada. This Batch of Kraut is called the Aurora Borealis batch. Please refrain from ordering until the earth passes through the Leonid Meteor shower in on November 19th .

2004: Cabbage came from same place in Sussex where the Leonid Batch came from, (Sussex Produce). Don and I went to My Brother-in-law Andy's place on Poley Mountain, he presented me with his Dad's Kraut Cutter, and pounder, which in their day produced many gallons of Kraut. On October 26th, the day of the Total Lunar Eclipse, we put down this Batch for 2004. We call it the Lunar Eclipse Batch, it will be ready on the arrival of the Geminids Meteor shower.

Number Of Servings: Many, till she's all gone.

Preparation Time: About three Hours, Depending on how cold it is out in the Garage.

The 2005 Batch was made on November 5th 2005 by Bryant.
After a Successful Triple Bypass, in Saint John  on October 7th, Don is home recovering. His Salt Intake has been severely reduced, so this years batch will be called Bry's Light Kraut.

A note to this, do not use less salt, Ihad to put more salt and some water in the kraut to keep it from spoiling, on Dec 20th, the kraut survived and was good to May 2006.

The 2006 Batch went down on the 3rd of November. Three complete Barrels with Don's assistance. We got the Cabbage from Sussex Produce in Sussex Corner, will keep you posted on results.

Saturday November 5th Temp 10 degrees Great day for making Kraut. No Lunar Experiences ,it is half way between the New Moon and 1st Quarter. Bry's Light Kraut is working now!!!!!

The 2009 Batch went down on October 25th, Bernie Babin assisted Don and I. Put down at Exactly Half Moon Phase, the next big event is the Leonids Meteor Shower on November 17th 2009. Kraut will be working well then, Next full moon is 31st October.

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