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Larry's Gulch September 3-5th 2007


Guide Johnny Sullivan holding  a nice 12 pound salmon caught by Don MacFarlane on our trip September 3-4-5th at Larry's Gulch. 

It was also a trip where Don and Bryant's cribbage game took a turn. After losing the first three matches with Bill and his partner Doug Haney on the first three trips, they easily put an end to the blood letting by a complete turn around. Several games were on the double skunk line but saved by a peg when Bill Ensor's partner, Tim Comeau matched a Freeman ten. Don indeed had a horseshoe up his rear on the trip, as he was the only lucky one to hook fish. He was also happy he took several months off from fishing to learn how to play cribbage, missing the August trip just to take cribbage lessons in Halifax at the Casino. I bet he won't try that again!!!!  19 fish on that trip in August----rub rub

 Fishing at Larry's is not all catching fish as you can see by the staff in the lower photos. Great food, Great Housekeeping and top notch Hospitality. We also met another great group of people who were in the party invited by Alex Mills. Again Thank you to the Staff at Larry's Gulch. The good lord willing we will be back next year.

  More to come

2007 Salmon Fishing trips to Crown reserve and Larrys Gulch (am I spoiled yet??)

A Big Salmon, 41 Inches Long, which on the Salmometer is 25 .7 pounds, Fish was Caught on a #4 Carter's Bug Fishing it Dry on the dead drift, at 10 am on the Restigouche River

This next fish is 43 Inches long. She took a Green Rat, Mark Delaney and Bryant took 25 minutes to land this one in the rain, she too left the pool in the same shape she came into it. A  G Loomis GL 3, 9 foot eight weight, she is a 30 pound fish.

A recent trip to Larry's Gulch was successful with Don MacFarlane and Bryant Freeman sharing the rod in Johnny Sullivan's boat.  Johnny Sullivan has been our guide for several years now, and has produced some good fishing for us old lads. Don hooked and landed a nice 12 pounder on a Carter's Bug on June 26th at the Flying Eddy Pool.

Nice fish Don, and not being skunked Bryant hooked and landed a 14 pounder at Pool #5 in the evening of the 26th

The trip to Larry's was one of our highlights this year, hosted by Bill Ensor and the rest of the gang, Doug Haney and Bill pounded Bryant and Don in Cribbage, the third year in a row,  is it something they do in Charlotte county that brings the cards to these lads so often? Of course there will be better shots to come as the summer is just beginning.

A nice shot with Mark Delaney and a 12 pounder in a new hole on the Restigouche called Freeman's Run. A nice holding spot above one of the favourite pools on the stretch, located one day when Bryant and Mark went down to the lower stretch to try the main pools.

These two large fish were caught by Danny Bird on dates stamped on the picture, just an example of the kind of fish which ply the Restigouche. Caught at Home pool of Kedgwick Lodge.

Bill Ensor and Bryant went to Larry's Gulch on July 30-Aug1, Bill caught this fish, it was one of 19 caught by the group on the trip. Five Grilse, the rest were salmon, four were over 20 pounds.

Paul Westbury and his Salmon caught at Larry's Gulch first of July.2007


Johnny Sullivan Guide and Bryant Aug 1st 2007  Water temp 58 degrees, Restigouche River.

Mark Ramsay Camp Manager and young Gabriel Cyr who received a rod case for catching his First Atlantic salmon, he is shown here signing the log book at Larry's Gulch July 30. A Picture of the group at Larry's Aug 1st 2007. left to right are Steve Galianos, Ron Corbin, Dave McManus, Bryant Freeman, Bill Ensor, Eugene Durette, Wilmot Tompkins, Josh Tomkins, and leading the gang was front and center Gabriel Cyr



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