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Lewis Freeman, my Dad, spent his life in Nova Scotia, the Medway river, once the largest salmon producing  river of NS, was his river. He spent many years working for the preservation of the Atlantic Salmon on this, and many other South Shore Rivers. Below is a note sent to the Atlantic Salmon Federation, and a copy of the letter was published in The Atlantic Salmon Journal, Number THREE in July 1977.

Save the Medway

Having been an active guide for over fifty years in this area of the Medway River, I have always had plenty to say and do with conservation of all fish and game in Nova Scotia, spending more time and money than I could afford. I have attended meetings, captured adult salmon for stripping and stocked other streams, and feel I have all I can do right here in this area. I am sitting at my desk looking out of a large picture window at the Medway, the best salmon stream in Nova Scotia, for which nothing is being done or has been done for years. A few hundred salmon and grilse are caught here each year. The main problem is, political bungling and poor management at the top level of the fishery protection, two guardians for fourteen miles of river work from eight until five in daylight hours, five days each week. Numerous gill nets in the harbour block off free access to the river and kill many tagged smolt by entangling them in nylon mesh. I could go on for hours on this subject but what would be the use. I have watched a beautiful stream slowly die for lack of someone to take note of the serious problems.

In reading your magazines I note that things are being done for New Brunswick, Gaspe and Quebec, with good results in improved waters. I have a son who is lucky enough to have the opportunity to fish there. I have fished with and know a number of your members and have read of the many things you try to do to save our Atlantic Salmon. Continue the good work, but please reach out to a few remote places like my river.

Lew Freeman Queen's County Nova Scotia

Taken from the Atlantic Salmon journal Number three, July 1977


(Lew Freeman went to the big salmon river in the sky in March 1990)

Below is a note to his Dad by Bryant Freeman in January 2002, he carried his love for the salmon to New Brunswick, and became involved with the drive to restore the Atlantic Salmon by joining numerous fishing and hunting and trapping associations.

Dear Dad;

I have been in New Brunswick since 1958, and started fishing the rivers here which were numerous and full of Salmon, in 1964. The rivers were teeming with wild atlantic salmon. I have not made a trip to Nova Scotia to try my hand in fishing the Medway lately, because the river is closed, and has been closed to salmon fishing for the past five years. I do go see Mother in the Manor, a couple of times of the year, but just visit the Medway to drive along her banks and reflect on the times we had and observe the beauty she still provides.

Your letter in 1977 fell upon deaf ears, the politicians are still bungling the whole scene, the bureaucrat's have complete control, they still  know nothing of nature, other than the sun don't shine at Midnight and Friday is payday. The Biologists have their hands tied, they have a handle on things, but can do nothing because of the politicians.

New Brunswick's salmon rivers are now reduced to Four, the Bay of Fundy Rivers have been closed for three years. The Northumberland strait rivers are really the last frontier.

Is anyone listening? I am not sure, but if the politicians govern this like they governed the Medway, I am sure Salmon fishing will be over in a few years.

I too have spent much time and more money I can afford for the preservation of the species, am I doing the right thing?

I think Mother was right when she said we should whack em and bring em home to her to cook.

Hope the fishing is good wherever you are!

Your Son


  Another observation on July 1st 2002.

Dear Dad;

I spent the weekend of July 1st in Nova Scotia, Visited Mother, and then drove from Mill Village to Greenfield, early Sunday morning.  The day was overcast and perfect for fishing. It brought back memories of when we fished the long weekend of July and the days were hot. This day was like no other I have ever experienced on the Medway on this time of year.

Camps were minus their owners, most were not opened for the year, there were no fishermen at any of the pools, as a matter of fact I drove from Glodes Falls to Greenfield and did not see a car.  My thoughts  went to "Silent Spring", did you see me?

I am still trying to think this is just a pause in the grand scheme of things, and better days are coming.  Wife Sandra tells me it may be time to move back and start the recovery for the river  I learned to love.  You know how she loves city life, she may just be testing me, or she could be serious. I do not know many people down there, but I do know the river and her moods. 

I see the signs,  if all goes well I may return to her shores, and try to bring some life back to her before it is too late for me to help.

Love Bryant

Bass in Medway River

Dear Dad;
Went to Greenfield for School Reunion last Summer 2009. Cripes, someone put bass in the lake and now they are all over the river. She don't look the same now with those yahoo's sitting in bass boats fishing for bass all over the place, every once in awhile you hear one shout out. "It's a Hawg Merle".

No one fishing Salmon, as DFO still has river closed to Salmon Fishing.

I still have not given up, I joined the Medway River Salmon Association, to help in any way I can to bring this little stream back to her once majestic beauty.


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